"Landscapes by Peel" is a full service landscaping company, and whatever your need may be we got you covered... you need a weekly mowing service? Need to redesign your garden? Or Winter has treated your pool area plants terribly? We got you covered!

Rick and his team of professional and experienced landscapers will work with you thru through the whole process of designing, building and maintaining your property. From landscaping and installation of plants to outdoor lightning and snow removal, Landscaping by Peel got you covered!

Property Maintenance

We offer year-round comprehensive lawn and plant care. Our team will professionally mow, install seasonal flowers, remove debris, fertilize, aerate and over seed your landscape. We also provide specialized services like trimming, pruning and leaf removal.

Landscape Maintenance Contracts

We offer yearly contracts that are tailored to your requests and budget. Our maintenance services can be provided regularly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly.

Please call us to schedule a consultation, so we can offer you the best solution for your landscaping needs.

Landscape Lighting
{ design & installation of landscape lighting }

One of our favorite things to do after we have designed and installed a new landscape project is to add the final touch with a terrific set of Outdoor fixtures that will bring to life all your surroundings after the sun sets. {Arborlighting} is our premier service of design and installation lead by our master designer Viviana Peel.

Outdoor lightning is a great way to enhance the beauty of your landscape while improving the safety of your home. Our expert landscape designers we'll will work with you to ensure a great design and perfect fixture to highlight your outdoor area in a way that you and your guests can enjoy. All our projects use LED technology and the best available brands for our lighting fixtures

Landscape design & stonework

Together we can design your landscape from scratch or re design it to give it a new look. We'll install new beds, plants and stone. We'll also renovate your lawn, take care of erosions and sod installation. We'll install seasonal mulch to give your surroundings a fresh look all year long.

Plant Installation

The most important thing for us is to make your landscape beautiful and sustainable, that is why we meticulously install and maintain all the plants in the area you choose, from seasonal to annual and perennial plants. We'll not only install and maintain them, but also rotate them making sure different blooming and colors are showcased during the different seasons of the year.

Plants are a delicate and long term deal, but no worries, we'll work with you to meet all your needs and answer all your questions, that way you'll know everything you need to know about your landscape care.

Garden Containers and Seasonal Color

We will schedule a one to one consultation at your property to determine what containers are needed, the size and to fit your stile; we have an extensive portfolio of plants that can enhance your preferred setting. These containers we'll give your surrounding, especially in patio and entertaining areas, a beautiful and personal touch.

For continuous color display, planning your garden is key and we'll help you achieve your goals by making your garden outstanding during the whole year, with our custom-tailored seasonal flower rotation program and we will even water your plants for you should you have to travel or maybe don’t have the time for it.

Spring and Winter Cleanup

Once weather permits us, our team we'll get your garden or property ready by hauling debris, trimming all trees and plants, putting in seasonal plants, edging all beds and mulch.

Snow Removal and Ice Management

Our 24/7 snow removal and ice management service is available for residential and commercial clients. This service is provided based upon the unique requirements of each client, you just tell us the limits of your property and we'll do the work for you.

We provide the most efficient and time-sensitive snow removal and ice management services, our team is on call during any snowstorm and you can reach of via phone or text message at any time day or night.

For all our commercial and residential clients we offer snow plowing, shoveling of sidewalks, entrance ways and stairs and ice management of sidewaks, entrance ways, parking lots and driveways.