About Us

Landscapes by Peel, is a full service landscaping company focused on creating, building and maintaining beautiful residential and commercial gardens, recreational and outdoor environments.

Our studio is located in Falls Church, Virginia where we have translated our love for plants, to a successful company, that is always looking to satisfy our costumers.

Most of our residential clients are professionals that have busy schedules that really enjoy and appreciate beautiful surroundings but don't have the time to maintain them themselves. We at Landscapes by Peel, take care of all that by offering personalized and professional services.

Our commercial clients enjoy the same benefits as our residential clients, making their working environment a soothing and relaxing area, so they can feel right at home and enjoy their business space to the fullest.

We have a very experienced and professional team, many of them with years in the company, all trained under the supervision of the owner Rick Peel. Rick takes great pride in the way our team members, put all his teachings and advice to work and he's confident that everybody in the team know that our main goal is to create "Greener Homes" by enhancing the beauty of your surroundings.

For Rick plants are a special element that can bring a diverse and colorful array to every area. We work with all our clients throughout the entire process, making sure they get the most suitable plants and layout for their landscape project and property.

Rick Peel

Rick has always had a great passion for the outdoors, nature and plants.

He started working part time mowing lawns for friends and family while he was attending college, and with hard work and the experience he attained, later on he was able to transform his passion to a full service landscaping firm.

That passion and love he has for the business starts in his own garden, which he redesigns constantly by adding new plants, moving them around and creating new layouts to always have a fresh look.

He has a talent for creating beautiful landscapes that look great all year round, and one of the things that distinguish him from the rest, is that he's incredibly detailed oriented and can appreciate, what a master gardener would call, a “high-end plant”.

He oversees all the landscape installations, always thinking his designs with the client in mind, and offering the best available plants for every specific surrounding.

Don’t be surprised if you see him supervising your project and working hand to hand with his team, in fact! The trimming services are either done or supervised by him directly.

Rick personally knows most of his clients, he listens to them and many become personal friends.

He lives in Vienna with his wife and 3 kids.

Viviana Peel

Viviana is Rick's wife and she has a passion for color, garden containers and annuals. She joined the company in 2015 and is the head designer of our Outdoor Landscape Lighting projects and oversees our Seasonal Flower Rotation Program.

“My wife Viviana and I run our Landscape design firm, our studio is located in Falls Church, VA (right outside DC) and showcases one of our best projects!"